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Submitted by admin on Sun, 01/17/2016 - 08:57

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I am selling (*) a complete kit (without 3D printed parts) to build this project on Aliexpress :


(*) I have a chinese partner, Peng, he sells a complete kit for this project. For each kit, he gives me back 5$, so by buying this kit you support PathDriver !

Note : What is Aliexpress ? This kit is sold on the Aliexpress site, Aliexpress is like Amazon for Chinese sellers, but here, you have a buyer protection like Ebay. If you don't receive your kit or if something is wrong, you can open a dispute and have money back.

Please, if you order a kit, send me an email with a screenshot like this one of your order. I just begin with this project, so the process is a little handwork :)


Note : Arduino is a marvellous project and without it, PathDriver sould never exists. So please support Arduino project by buying one of there official card :

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