Get what you need

If you have a 3D printer, you only need to buy the electronics to build this project.

Here is the list of all electronics parts you need

Arduino nano (Car)
Motors (*2) (Car)
Motor Driver (Car)
TCRT5000L (Car)
150 ohms resistor (Car)
10 kohms resistor (Car)
Cables (Car)
Switch (Car)
Batterie Holder 2*18650(Car)
Batterie (Car)2*18650

Breadboard (*2) (Car)
SYB170 not stackable

NRF24L01 (Car)
16V 100uF Capacitor (Car)
Arduino nano (Bridge)
NRF24L01 (Bridge)
16V 100uF Capacitor (Bridge)
Breadboard (Bridge)
RFID Card (522)
RFID Tags (Track)

There is no screws for this project and i've choose popular, basics and cheap electronic componments.

Other materials

160g papers (at least 110g)
Black paint for the track line
Bamboo Peak (front wheels)
Plasticine (rear wheels)

Tools you need

3D Printer
Color printer
Soldering Iron (recommanded)
1 meter of 1.75 filament

If you're waiting for your electronics, you can build this steps without in the order you like :

Level 1 :

Level 2 :

Level 3 :