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Here are links to AliExpress store, i don't sell anything for now.
To have a complete set to start (one car + one bridge) you need to buy around 30$ of electronics.
Thing to buildDescriptionPhotoPrice
Car Arduino nano (Don't forget to support Arduino/Genuino project) US $2.03
Car Motors (*2) US $1.42
Car TCRT5000L (*5) US $1.99
Car 150 ohm resistor (*5)
Car 10 kohm resistor (*5)
Car Cables (dupont) US $1.90
Car Switch (*1)
Car Battery Holder US $0.78
Car Battery (*2)
Car Breadboard (*2) US $10.70
Car NRF24L01
Car Capacitor 16V 47uF (*1)
Bridge Arduino nano US $2.03
Bridge Breadboard (*1) US $10.70
Bridge NRF24L01
Don't forget Battery charger
Don't forget Battery charger
Don't forget USB cable for arduino