What is PathDriver ?

Give life to your paper cars with PathDriver !


Paper cars are running on a track. Each player controls the speed and choose the direction to take at the next crossing.

Will you be the best driver in choosing the right path and get the maximum passengers ?


The PathDriver game is under development but playable. This website is also under development. By following this guide you will help to improve this game


Where i can buy the game and how much it cost ?

PathDriver is not selling in the form box as another company game. We must follow this guide that details each stage of the realization. I created this game to be as fun to build and expand as playing with it . This is a little magic to assemble electronic components and make them working together.
I chose cheap and common electronics components. You can build the complete kit (bridge + one car) here.

What do i need to build PathDriver ?

The frame of each car is made ​​with a 3D printer , so you need an access to this type of machine , if you do not have one perhaps you can have solutions.

The only thing to buy is a few electronic components that are listed here. Otherwise , you need a color printer, a soldering iron , some black paint and tape. No screws and bolt are needed.

If you want to build the game, follow this guide.